Best States

California and its Wildfire Lessons

Frustration and confusion abound for Californians after spate of public safety power shutoffs and wildfires.


Cheap White Elephant Gift Exchange Ideas

If you want to ace your next white elephant gift exchange, consider these creative and clever options.

America 2020

The Democrats’ Diversity Problem

A high-profile departure from the presidential race has left Democrats with an all-white debate stage – and questions about the fairness of their nominating process.

Eat + Run

Top Food Trends for 2020

A nutritionist goes on a trend-spotting expedition at a recent food and nutrition conference.

Best Countries

Venezuela Crisis Tests Colombia’s Wards

In the latest expression of the growing crisis at home, pregnant Venezuelan women are flooding into Colombia to safely give birth.


9 of the Best Consumer ETFs to Buy Now

Consumer spending remains strong and funds offer opportunities for investors to tap the trend.

The Short List: Colleges

Colleges That Give Merit Aid

About 66% of students, on average, received merit aid at these colleges in 2018-2019, according to U.S. News data.


A Guide to 401(k) Vesting

Find out how long you need to stay at a job to keep your 401(k) match.